Friday, October 29, 2004


tonight was our fall festival at church.

honestly, it is not something that i really look forward to. in fact, it has been something that i'd rather just avoid, but have to do if i want to keep my job.

it takes so much work and it has always had little impact.

last year we had 175 people (the best count we got), few registered and the largest majority of people to come were from our church.


WOW! we made a few changes - and had lots of skeptics.

everyone said, 'we need to change the fall festival' and then when we did, they said, 'we've never done that before, i don't think it will work'

well, all of the hours of work have paid off.

tonight, we registered 804 people!
(that's nearly 25% of our town by the way - and over 6% of our county).

we got names, ages, telephone numbers, addresses, and prayer requests from 206 people who claimed no church relation whatsoever.

it was awesome. God is so good.

and one of the best things that happened was seeing some of our church people realize - hey, there are all kinds of people around us who need jesus , we just have to look for them.
posted by Rick and Christie