Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Introducing.... Patrick

well, we've inspired one more to create a blog. (warning: not for the faint of heart or those with weak stomachs)

this one is someone that our bcf friends don't know, but he is a great guy.

Let me introduce you to a local youth pastor and friend - Patrick W.

I first met Patrick a few years ago, shortly after beginning my exile, errhh.. ministry, here in Hazlehurst as he was promoting a Bible man show about 15 minutes from here. Patrick grew up in Kansas City and was saved as a result of a youth ministry - if I understand correctly... something to do with a big foot show and vapor lock - you'll have to ask him about it.

from KC he moved to LA where he became involved in Mosaic church and from there he moved to Baxley, ga - which is in the middle of nowhere - 2 hours from a mall... you can imagine culture shock set in - but it was all for the love of his life - stephanie. from baxley it was on to atlanta, and then as fate would have it, back to h'hurst to serve as a student minister.

patrick is somewhat unorthodox, a little a.d.d. but he loves jesus and it shows. he has a passion for youth and has been a great encouragement to me and the collective/community student ministry of our county.

he introduced me to the "jesus videos" which are currently not online - but as soon as they are back up, I will post a link to them... these videos in and of themselves are enough to make me love him.

anyway, check out his site, excuse his grammar and leave him a message
posted by Rick and Christie