Friday, October 22, 2004

Reality Bites

Is reality tv coming to an end?

I must confess that I love Survivor. For several seasons now, it's been the only show that I refuse to miss (even taping shows if I'm not home) .

But this season, the show has been dry and uninteresting. I've already missed two shows and it hasn't really bothered me.

For starters, we have already done girls v. boys - worked great the first time - not this time. The women have been exceptionally annoying - fighting and whining has comprised most of their air time. and the men have been nearly as bad.

Then, CBS allowed the old people to get the upper hand - voting off all the younger and more interesting people. I mean, do we really want to watch Scout, the 60 year old rancher survive Vanauatu? She might be nice and sweet, but who cares if she wins?

C'mon how can you lose Brady - he's an FBI agent, how cool is that?

So i guess I'm left with "Sarge," The drill sargeant and nuclear weapons specialist and Chad, the teacher and dad from California to cheer for.

Maybe they won't let me down.

and maybe next season, Survivor will return to its former grandeur.
posted by Rick and Christie