Tuesday, October 26, 2004


have any of you seen saved?

i saw it last night for the first time. it was a fascinating movie to be sure. having attended a christian school i can identify with many of the characters, but the end of the movie left me a little annoyed. i was hoping for some redemption - like mandy moore's character actually getting saved, but instead we were left with a - all religion is good, god loves everybody, just believe in something or everything or nothing - universalists view of religion. in fact the only people to remain looking like horrible people were the supposed "christians".

anyway, some good humor and great food for thought for believers, but don't be too disappointed with the ending...

my favorite part of the movie... when mandy moore screams, "I AM FILLED WITH THE LOVE OF CHRIST" as she hurls her bible at "mary's" back. so many people i know fit the role.
posted by Rick and Christie