Monday, November 08, 2004

The Cranky Critic

We went to Vidalia (yes, the home of the sweet onion) Saturday to eat at Ruby Tuesday's and just chill out. We met up with Mike, a former youth who is now in college and who leads worship for us on Wednesday nights. After we ate we'd planned on going to Wal-Mart or to the coffee shop - but... plans changed. We saw a friend who told us that her daughter and some friends had gone to see The Grudge over the weekend and that it scared the daylights out of them. Well, since we're always up for a good thrill, and it was playing in about an hour, we decided we'd check it out. I was looking forward to it, I like to be scared, I kind of enjoy misery. I get into these movies. When we watched What Lies Beneath I was convinced that Rick was going to murder me. I just knew it. And when Rick is out of town I somehow always end up watching Cold Case Files or some other mystery show about a guy who preys on women home alone. How this happens, I don't know? And since Rick is heading to Jacksonville this week, I figured it was high time for me to get scared and have a reason to spend all night crouched behind the couch with his paintball gun just waiting for Ted Bundy or Charles Manson or some other random killer to come in and attack me...

So I was ready for this thing. I was snuggled up to Rick, waiting....and waiting....and waiting....and waiting....and waiting....

Well, I'm still waiting to be frightened (by more than Sarah Michelle Gellar's acting). If you're planning on going to see The Grudge, I'd cancel those plans. All the hype, is just, well, hype.


posted by Rick and Christie