Friday, November 19, 2004

For just a few pennies a day...

A few months back, we attended a Casting Crowns Concert - it was awesome, during the show, they talked about World Vision and AIDS inflicted Africa and the need to sponsor a child. So, our youth ministry sponsored two.

Then I went to a Third Day Concert and they told even more about the project - they'd actually been challenged by Bono to take this on as a cause - because statistically they said: "those claiming to be Christian are 50% as likely as the common person to help with the AIDS Crisis in Africa." unbelievable

Finally last night, we watched a television special documenting Prince Harry's visit to AIDS inflicted Africa - the images were atrocious... we're all fast approaching 30 - which in some of these countries is the average life expectancy - it blows me away to see! They showed a fairly newborn little girl that had been raped - because some in Africa believe sex with a virgin will cure the disease.

I'm sure Micah understands these things better than any of us, but I had to ask myself - what are we doing in the American church arguing over paint colors? How do we become salt and light to these people?
posted by Rick and Christie