Friday, November 12, 2004

from the childless...

our nephew, riggs, turned 2 this past reformation day. as the good aunt and uncle we are, we went to his b-day party on saturday, october 30.

and it was there i had this great epiphany.


riggs was elated - all his family was there - and better yet, we were at the park. there were swings and slides and merry go rounds and those little horses on springs and dirt and everything a 2-year old boy could want.

i know he was curious as to what the streamers were for and what those big colorful letters "H-A-P-P-Y B-I-R-T-H-D-A-Y" said. but not curious enough to slow down and think about it.

and then it came time to cut the cake - he could have cared less... however, we did get to hear the story of how he screamed and cried the night before when they picked the cake up, because he wanted a piece then, but alas, the cake couldn't be marred before the party.

and then time to open the presents - presents? who needs presents, with all the aforementioned items at his disposal, riggs wanted nothing to do with presents... as hard as we tried to FORCE him to open his presents he wouldn't bend. so finally, we had to settle for his little friend opening the presents (who i'm sure was devastated when he got home and realized those presents didn't belong to him). riggs was to busy being chased by all of us as he continued to make his way back to the playground.

so i had to ask myself, who is this party for?
let's save the money next year, load the kids up and take them to the park -
they don't want our stinkin' presents anyway.
posted by Rick and Christie