Friday, November 05, 2004

green with envy

i know that for the past seven years or so, i have drooled over every jeep that drives by - especially those with a canoe or kayak strapped to the top - in fact, those usually elicit an ever so subtle, yet audible muttering from me.

but i am still amazed at the number of stares i get driving down the road in my jeep.

most of the stares come from men in their 40's stuck behind steering wheels of minivans (i usually notice the gleen coming from the puddle of drool on their walnut dashboards) - obviously they are longing to be free from responsibility and wishing they could be 20 again.

many come from the 7th grade guys in my youth group who would be happy driving their granddads lawn mower, but estatic if they had a wrangler. i had a mom tell me today that my jeep was all her son has talked about since he saw it.

there have been a few longing gazes from younger men - usually in family sized suv's complete with carseats.

it's been pretty funny to see people reacting as i used to at the very sight of a jeep driving by.

posted by Rick and Christie