Monday, November 29, 2004

Looking Back

Well, Thanksgiving is gone. We had the opportunity to go to Florida for most of the week and see our family. We spent a couple days at Rick's parents place and were able to take a tour of a model identical to the house they will begin building in the Spring. We did a little bit of shopping there also. At my family's we snuggled and played with babies all day Friday. Daniel, our 4 year old nephew finally let Rick play with his toys, major breakthrough. Riggs, our 2 year old nephew is like a wild animal and the closest we got to snuggling him was wrestling. Livia, our 1 year old niece is precious and is walking and starting to say a few words. She let Rick rock her to sleep (I think it made him want a little girl one day, to go along with his house full of boys). It really was a great Thanksgiving.

posted by Rick and Christie