Thursday, November 11, 2004

Missing Jesus

I often find myself pondering about Jesus and what He was really like while He was here on earth. I read the Gospels, and I am confronted with this man who is wildly different than so many who claim Him today. Some of the things that are done in the name of Christ are so far removed from anything He would have ever been a part of. I wonder, what have we done? We have so misrepresented Jesus in our culture and have turned Him into what we do on Sunday mornings, and who we wear on our t-shirt, but we've not allowed Him to transform us. No wonder people think they hate Christianity. If I didn't know better, and know the real truth of the Gospel and of Jesus Christ, I might too.

This quote is from an article I read today...
"For some reason we thought we could improve on His [Jesus'] example. We thought we could water down the message and make it easier to swallow. But it turns out that people are choking on our concoction, especially young people. Here is what young people think about today’s Christianity: They think it’s cheesy, arrogant, simple, mainstream and they don’t want it. Our generation has already rejected that pitch. We have seen the American Dream spread out before us like a banquet feast, and in short, we were full. We don’t want unflinching confidence. We want vulnerability. We don’t want cute slogans and serenity. We want revolution and dynamism. We want humility. We want unvarnished truth. Now that I think about it, we want Jesus."

My thoughts exactly...


posted by Rick and Christie