Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Near Death Experience

christie and i had a near death expeience this weekend - it was very scary and reminded me just how dangerous the highway can be.

we were travelling down i-75 somewhere between gainesville and ocala - luckily traffic had recently thinned out. there was a car travelling around 80mph about 30 feet in front of us - suddenly - without warning and for no apparent reason - the car swerves left, then right, then left again, hits the guard rail, and begins to spin wildly out of control through all lanes of traffic. we dodged it three times and ended up in the "helen keller lane" - as my bro calls the lane with all the bumps to wake you up. soon, it wasn't safe there either as a semi and an suv tried to take us out, so we were forced all the way off the road, down an embankment and into a ditch before coming to a complete stop.

we stopped to help the girl - a 21 year old senior psych major from UF.
miraculously everyone was ok, only one car hit her and it did not even hit hard enough to activate the air bags - but the elderly man had to go to the hospital.

the car was pretty damaged and the police offered to take the girl to the hospital or the next exit. so christie and i offered to take her to meet her parents. it was pretty freaky, and reminded me again why i shouldn't talk on my cell phone and drive (even though i still do)
posted by Rick and Christie