Friday, November 05, 2004

Ode to a Good Wife

I’ve used my blog as a platform to rant and complain, shock and deceive, bless and curse…

But I’ve yet to tell you of my wife.

Christie has been the single greatest blessing of my life. Beyond her beauty, she is a constant encouragement, a diligent worker, a faithful companion. She supports my ministry – with her time and input. She supports me – through little things like scrubbing the bathtub and doing my laundry, as well as the big things, like offering unconditional love and forgiveness. She labors tirelessly to keep our house in perfect order and is almost always willing to invite anyone in. She rarely complains of anything - and I’m certain there is plenty to complain about.

Beyond that – she is fun to be with, she’s witty and funny, a great conversationalist and has an awesome sense of humor (remember Puffy?). Christie is also very intelligent, a learned theologian, she’s nearly always able to answer any question I have telling me the names of doctrines, heresies, scholars, writers, etc, etc. She has a mind of her own – which I love – she doesn’t have to sit around and let someone else think for her – in fact she refuses to let someone think for her.

The thing I probably love most about her though is her heart. She has a passion for Christ – a desire to serve Him and love Him and know Him. It is the driving force in her life and it is evident in everything she does.

Did I mention she’s beautiful? Much prettier than I deserve.

So that’s my wife…
posted by Rick and Christie