Friday, November 12, 2004

stupid, angry, and annoyed

i am so frustrated with myself - i can be so stupid at times.

i've been stoked about derek webb's newest cd. in fact, i was so excited i went online and preordered it so that i would get it at a discounted rate of $9 and have it as soon as it released... or so i thought.

the album released on nov 9 and when it didn't show up, i logged onto grassroots music to see if i could track my order - great news, i tracked it alright. i tracked it all the way to my proverbial 'shopping cart' where my 'cd' was still laying. i never checked out. i couldn't believe it. i was forced to purchase the cd at the $13.98 rate and didn't get it as soon...

this would have never happened at wal mart.
posted by Rick and Christie