Tuesday, November 30, 2004

When it Hits Home

Living in a small town, it's easy to forget the dangers that are often present in more urban areas. We get used to knowing almost everyone, and are friendly with even those we don't know. We get settled into a comfortableness that a rural community, especially in the south, brings. But sometimes that small town ideal is shattered and you realize that crime still finds its home even in the least of cities, like Hazlehurst. In the last 10 years or so, our county has seen several violent crimes go unsolved - murder, rape. More than a few cases have been cracked, and the most unsuspecting people have been found involved.

Last night, amidst most people decorating Christmas trees and putting kids to bed - one young man was murdered. It took place less than a mile from our house and only a few hundred yards from where I work. Of course everyone has a theory of why it happened and who did it, but really, no one seems to know. And despite the fact that of course, no communtiy is immune from this, it still is a shock.

posted by Rick and Christie