Monday, December 27, 2004

Getting back, starting over

We are finally home, and hopefully, through with anymore whirlwind trips for quite a while. Our place of abode speaks to the frenzy we have been in the last few months. We get back from one trip, with no time to really even prepare for our next. A path of destruction has definitely followed and our house is a mess. We hope to begin getting back to normal, having clean clothes, clean sheets - I might even cook dinner. Scary. Rick's office at work has also been under renovation, and so it is a complete disaster. All his things are stuck in hallways, closets - all over the place. Today will be his first opportunity to start getting everything back in order. Hopefully, it will be a quick process.

We are really looking forward to the new year and the blessings and opportunities it will bring. We have been without a pastor since last December, and a few weeks back our church called a new pastor who will begin on January 16th. We are extremely excited about him and look forward to the prospect of having a young, energetic pastor who preaches the Word. For Rick, the work load has been very heavy, and I know he awaits some new found balance in that area, I sure do.

Hope you guys had a great Christmas, we did.


posted by Rick and Christie