Friday, December 10, 2004

Jesus and FoxNews

If any of you have not seen the Christmas greetings that are being broadcasted on FoxNews, sit down and watch until you do! I've seen two - one quoted John 3:16 - and another said "For unto you is born this day...a Savior" (Luke 2:11). These are actually from FoxNews - it is their holiday message to their viewers. Whoa! I can't figure out if it is just a political move, but whatever the motive, I think it's awesome that the real meaning of Christmas is being recognized by a national news station. With all of the bruhaha surrounding the holiday season and the actual celebration of Christmas being prohibited in way too many arenas, this statement is definitely a big one and will not go unnoticed. It may only prove in the mind of some that Christianty is just another wing of the Republican party (it is, right?), but it is still good to see the Word being transmitted in such an unusual place.

posted by Rick and Christie