Thursday, December 02, 2004

Jesus, decals and bumper stickers...

A post over at My Drivetrain of Thought got me thinking about the whole "Jesus T-shirt phenomenon".

actually, i've been thinking about it for some time thanks to the Relevant Magazine article entitled Holy Shirt which posed the question, "c'mon, i mean has anybody ever really gotten saved because they read 'Jesus Christ' in the coca-cola font?"

i just have to wonder if all the hype is really making a difference? because my fear is that instead of making a difference it is causing Christians to become isolationists who stop thinking for themselves.

All Star United pretty much summed it up with their song

La La Land
The question isn’t whether it’s true
The question's – “Is it working for you?”
Marshmallow skies, And custardy pies
And nothing’s too hared to do

They’re five happy verses or so
They told me all I needed to know
Ignore all the rest, Trials and tests
And threats to my comfort zone

Well I’ve got no time to find out what’s real
I stick with what I happen to feel
It feels grand, When you’re livin’ in a la la land

You can name a blessing yourself
Stake a claim on power and wealth
And strong healthy teeth, A spot at the beach
And romance that’s really swell

All the saints and martyrs alike
Well they would have called a national strike
Demanding less pain, More personal gain
If only they’d known their rights

Well I take it very personally
Yeah, I’ve got to know what’s in it for me
Ain’t it grand, When you’re livin’ in a la la land

I’ve got my prayer cloth collection in my Jesus jar
I’ve got the Holy Ghost ridin’ in the back of my car
Sometimes He gives a little tickle I go “hardee har har”
Ain’t it grand, when you’re livin’ in a la la land

My Jesus decal does quite a trick
Right above my dashboard I stick it
A good luck charm
It keeps me from harm
And saves me from speeding tickets

We had someone call us up the other day a few minutes before our Monday night visitation was to begin - these people had never really shown any interest in visitation before, so it was somewhat strange that they called...

and then they asked, "do you have a visit we could make real quick? because our daughter has to make a visit to get her AWANA points and we were just hoping you could give us a visit we could run out and do real quick so she could get her points."

it's not a check list people, it's about relationship...
it's not about earning points, it's about leading people to Christ...
posted by Rick and Christie