Thursday, December 30, 2004

Low Fly Zone

Rick hasn't blogged about this yet, and so I am going to steal his thunder.

Tuesday evening about dusk we were driving down the highway, and out of no where, WHACK!
It scared me to death! I wasn't looking and the noise was so loud that I thought we had hit a deer. I just knew that moments later we would barrell into the woods and meet our death.

Not exactly.

After the trauma of the immediate shock had passed, we realized that it was just a bird. But the poor little guy did leave some feathers and other yuck on our windshield. From what I surmised, I don't think he lived to tell his other bird friends about his run in with a Jeep Wrangler. That one did him in.

I felt bad about being spooked over a little feathered friend when we found out last night that a couple we know hit 3 galloping horses head on the night before Christmas Eve. Thankfully, everyone was okay (except their truck, and the horses).

posted by Rick and Christie