Wednesday, December 22, 2004

The many faces of the Nativity

Maybe it's just me, but nativity scenes often send me reeling. I mean, I'm glad people put them out and that, to some degree, the real meaning of Christmas is made known. But, really can a couple hunks of glowing plastic even begin to convey the incarnation of the Godhead in bodily form? I think not, but keep on trying. And also, Jesus is always so clean, and neat and solemn. Huh? The scene has definitely been sanitized for our western eyes. What brings the issue up is this. Oh, tell me it isn't real. Jesus, appearing as a Veggie Tale character. Is that baby supposed to be a carrot or a sweet potato, who knows? Maybe this helps relate Christ's birth to kids, but I think they could relate just as well to humans as they could to vegetables, don't you think? And anyway, kids take things so literal, this could scar a child for life. Their theology will be wacked for years and years to come. Unfortunately, this is not the only occurence such as this. Remember the wax nativity at Madame Tussaud's museum this year? And here, you can find out about different nativity interpretations across the world - even one were Jesus is depicted as a cowboy, complete with Jeans (probably Wranglers) and a western shirt. I just hope he is wearing a belt buckle in that one, if not that would be a major redneck fashion faux pas.

posted by Rick and Christie