Friday, December 17, 2004

Why me?

Yup, 12am we leave for West Virginia. I really like to ski, even though I'm not a major dare devil, I love the weather and the snow and the entire experience. Snowshoe has more difficult slopes than I've ever navigated before, and I was even looking forward to the challenge that would bring - however, I had made a decision to stay far, far away from any black slopes. The thrill would not be worth the impending spill, trust me. Unfortunately, I am about as sick as I have ever been - and even though I am going, I'm afraid a whole lot of skiing might be out of the picture. I started feeling poorly Tuesday or Wednesday - and now I have a horrible sinus infection. I just started antibiotics this afternoon, and so hopefully before the end of the trip I might start feeling like myself again. It is now after 5pm - neither Rick or I has packed a thing and the only more horrible scenario I can imagine that would be worse than feeling as wretched as I do, is getting to share the experience this evening with 3o teenagers, on a bus, for 14 hours. Dear Jesus, help me.

Catch up with you guys sometime next week.


posted by Rick and Christie