Thursday, December 09, 2004

why we do, what we do!

Last night was great!

I've been feeling a little down about my youth ministry here latley. Kinda just feeling like I've been spread so thin - having to handle education and youth and being without a pastor for the past year - that my youth ministry has taken a hit - no, make that serveral hits...

but last night was awesome!

I've been teaching a series on "This is what we believe" covering some of our basic doctrines and last night we arrived at communion.

micah - you and John Piper would be proud - I worked Romans 9 into the lesson!

anyway, i taught about communion and baptist's views of communion, etc, etc... and then we took communion.

at the end of the night, a guy who's been coming to our church for about a year asked me if he could talk to me in a Sunday School room... so of course I said yes.

after we talked for a little while about some things he's been dealing with - he realized that he was not a believer, but wanted to become a follower of Christ!

We have one more in the kingdom, and I'm excited.

Be praying for Matthew - he's got a lot to deal with in the upcoming weeks, there's going to be many challenges and struggles, but I pray Christ will prevail.
posted by Rick and Christie