Thursday, January 20, 2005

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

You know, I hate that we continue mentioning this Seattle thing - but I'm really excited. Just last night Rick and I began fighting over our new copy of Radical Reformission, the new book by Mark Driscoll that we are going to read before we hear him speak at the Acts29 conference at Mars Hill Church. We're also planning how we are going to spend our free time. Of course, we'll go and see the Space Needle and check out Bill Gates' mansion, but other than that - we're not sure. We will only be a little more than 2 hours from Vancouver - so we've thought of heading up there. And Whistler Blacomb, the best skiing in North America, is only about a 4 hour drive. Although we probably won't hit the slopes- it is tempting. Most likely, we'll just enjoy hanging out in Seattle and experiencing the northwest culture (well, some of it anyway). All I know is that whatever we do, as long as it involves good food, lots of lattes, and some shopping - I'll be happy.

posted by Rick and Christie