Monday, January 31, 2005

Dining Disasters

I don't know if it's just something about us, or what, but we seem to have an over abundance of traumatic restaurant experiences. There was that time at Ruby Tuesday's (sorry Jared) when Rick found a mouse/rat claw in his italian vegetable soup. And the gross thing was that it was right in the middle of a piece of sausage - and so what that means is that (if you have a weak stomach, you might should discontinue reading) the nasty rodent probably fell into the sausage when it was being ground and so, erhh, you get the picture. Our latest incident happened on Saturday at Woody's BBQ, actually one of Rick's favorite places to eat. First thing, after he'd already drank half of his Diet Coke/Dr. Pepper mix - he found lipstick (not mine) on the side of his glass. It was bright colored too, so I'm sure some old lady had probably sipped her sweet tea out of it the day before. Another reason among many, he said, why he should have been using a straw. Rick got a new drink and we were finally enjoying the rest of our meal, only for it to be interrupted by an unwanted piece of someones coiffure. Yes, a hair, wound up in a piece of Rick's smoked turkey. Well, I shed like an animal all the time, and so Rick is used to my hair in his food, infact, he has grown quite accustomed to it and now expects it - but other's hair. He's not there just yet. He showed the hairy turkey to our waitress and requested a break on our check. The manager gave us Rick's meal for free. So, we saved 8 bucks, Rick said it was worth it. I'm not so sure.

posted by Rick and Christie