Thursday, January 20, 2005

English as a Second Language...

it seems my tenure in South Georgia has produced many changes in me... most noticeably my speech. Christie is trying to help me out, she swears I will be laughed out of Seattle - and she's probably right.

but how did it come to this?

i know that I have a propensity towards changing my speech patterns to those I am around... I discovered this my first semester in college at toccoa falls, when I had been hanging out with some Canadian guys for a few weeks and called home... my mother wanted to know who I was hanging out with and why I continually was saying, "ay!"

I was again reminded of it shortly after moving to South GA. the first time my sister came to see me, her first question for me was: "What have they done with my nice articulate brother?"

so here I am. what began as a few extra "w's" [i promise that is not a political statement] creeping into my words - such as dawg, bawx, etc... has turned into a pure butchering of the english language. Christie swears during my message last night, i said "come" in place of "came" at least five times - i didn't believer her until five minutes later i turned to her and asked "john, come and got you tonight?".

it scares me, but since christie's pointed it out, i'm noticing just how bad i am... but i'm also noticing that some of the most educated among us hazlehurstians tawlk, i mean talk - just as bad - if not worse than i do...

somebody help me...
*singing* "we're from the country and we like it that way..."

other commonly mispoken words:
"were" to replace "was"
ex. I meant I were not gonna miss that party last night.

"them" to replace "those"
ex. "Look at them things over there."

posted by Rick and Christie