Monday, January 24, 2005

Flip Flops...(the footwear, not John Kerry)

Although I used to love cold weather, it seems in recent years that my love for chilly temps has been superceded by my love for flip-flops. It is hard for me to even pick out an outfit when I know I am going to have to pair it up with real shoes. Unfortunately, the flip-flop craze has yet to catch on here in South Georgia. Infact, not only are flops not popular here in this county named after the president of the confederacy- if you talk to some, they would assert that they were ungodly. Yes, it's true. I've been told that they are not appropriate for the "sanctuary." What they mean is that it is disrespectful for my tosies to hang out in the building on 30 W. Tallahassee St. that we call the "church." I do try to respect their opinion, but I would like to make a proclomation here and now, that I don't wear my flip-flops in the sanctuary, I wear them on it. Except of course, when it's freezing outside.

posted by Rick and Christie