Monday, January 24, 2005


Caution: Genius at Work

I went searching for a bumper sticker one of our college youth told us he saw last week:
"If it's not King James, It's not the Bible!"

but found this one instead - it's absolutely amazing to me... unfortunately, my father falls into this KJV only camp. I'm often accused of reading the "Non Inspired Version" or when they are feeling kind the "Nearly Inspired Version"

On a similiar note, check out this great site,

Their intro, placed under the title "Testimony Time" reads:
"Why be silent when you can witness to hundreds of people with Christian bumper stickers? These high quality, vinyl bumper stickers are available in attractive colors with hundreds of messages. Some are even available in foreign languages."
You'll find such great bumper stickers as: "the Devil is pro-abortion" and "are you following Jesus this close?"

How exciting I see the converts lining up already... hurry, get your's quick, they're going fast.

If you'd like to check out the other camp, check out this truly great site:

makes for some interesting reading.
posted by Rick and Christie