Tuesday, January 04, 2005

I'm so excited...

...and i just can't hide it!

christie and i have confirmed our reservations for this year's conference.

The church sends us to a conference of our choice each year...
last January we got to see Mel Gibson and a private viewing of The Passion in Orlando. We also got to hear Leonard Sweet and meet Kay Arthur, and see many other exciting people.

But this year's conference is going to ROCK.

We are headed to Seattle - to Mars Hill Church, for the Acts 29 Boot Camp - a church planting conference. Not that we are planning to plant a church any time soon, but we know there will be so many valuable things shared at this conference that we simply didn't want to miss it. Speakers will include Mark Driscoll, founding Pastor of Mars Hill; Bill Clem, founding pastor or Doxa (another acts29 church); and Steve Tompkins, director of A29.

We'll also get to attend church at Mars Hill and tour Seattle. We'll be staying downtown at the Red Lion Hotel on 5th Avenue... that means nothing to me, except it was the best deal and had the best reviews of the hotels on expedia.com.

So far, the only down fall has been the fact that we won't be able to blog for a week. But we'll get to see the space needle, Bill Gates 66,000 sq ft mansion, and the original Starbucks.

Our Schedule:
Session 1 Theology—Knowing God’s Mission
Session 2 Planting—Resources and Timeline
Lunch together
Session 3 Values—Sharing God’s Values
Session 4 The Leader—Living God’s Commands
Workshop: Missional Worship
Session 5: Vision Seeing: the Mission Complete
Session 6: Leadership Team Gathering: Your Missions Team
Session 7 Planning: The Strategy of the Missionary
Workshop: Counseling the Sexually addicted
Session 8 Pathways—Moving the Mission
Session 9 Perseverance—Growing the Mission

If any of you have been to Seattle and can recommend some places to go, let us know.
posted by Rick and Christie