Saturday, January 08, 2005

New Year's Resolutions

I've been working on this list since the New Year and I'm sure it's not yet finished, but I decided I'll go ahead and post it... you can always make changes later, right?

1. Stand up taller
2. Continue working out regularly
3. Think more, talk less
4. Remove all the extra “w’s” that have made their way into my words (i.e. – dowg, tawlk, bowx, etc) and learn the difference between “them” and “those” and stop saying “ain’t” - basically, quit talking like I live in South Georgia
5. Learn more about my savior and God and increase the love I have for Him
6. Keep my desk clean and my office organized (the hardest so far)
7. Get to know my wife better and love her more
8. Read more... especially theology
9. Drink more water, consume less sugar
10. Quit procrastinating (like I am right now!)
posted by Rick and Christie