Monday, January 24, 2005

Racism in God's Country?

Although I know that prejudice exists everywhere - it seems that it abounds in the South. You know, it has been decided down here that it is a wicked and detestable sin to marry someone of a different race. You ask for Scripture to back up the view? Oh, there's Scripture. That one about being unequally yoked, that's it! Sorry, try again. It is scary that educated, intelligent people can be so ignorant. Someone (who happens to have their doctorate) told a friend of ours the other day - "Marrying a black person is kind of like homosexuality - you can't really find in the Bible where it says it's wrong, you just know it is." Okay, that will definitely be a contestant in the most idiotic statement of the year contest. And it is so sad that these erroneous ideas are not dying off - they are being passed down to the next generation. This is so offensive, I know - but a while back a young guy from the area who is a missionary to China came to speak at our church. After he was done, one elderly lady asked him what his parents would do if he brought home one of those "slant eyed" girls! What is wrong with people? The stronghold of racism has definitely gotten a stranglehold in this area.

Piper has some good thoughts on this issue here and here.

posted by Rick and Christie