Monday, January 17, 2005

When you come to a fork in the road...

stick it in the new pastor's yard.

2,000 plastic forks...$25.00
27 rolls of toilet paper...$7.44
A strawberry waffle from Waffle King...$3.44

Watching the faces of your youth as they decimate the new pastor's yard at 2am...priceless.

we have a new pastor here at FBC Hazlehurst, hence our busy week last week and few blog comments.

It's an exciting time for us, we've been over a year without a pastor and we've now hired someone who is young, fun and energetic.

His family is still in Atlanta, but they came down for the first weekend (this past weekend) so we thought it would only be right to welcome them the good old fashion way - toilet paper their vehicles and fork their yard.

below are a few pictures.

disclaimer to any youth pastor who may be reading this: notice if you will that I do not appear in any of the pictures, there is no evidence I was involved in the crime. Also, realize that we went back the next morning with donuts and milk as a peace offering and volunteered to clean it up, but we had a blast sneaking out around at 2 am praying the dog wouldn't bark - and he didn't. we're believing this to be as miraculous as God shutting the mouths of the lions for Daniel.
posted by Rick and Christie