Monday, February 14, 2005

Blankety, Blank!

Another interesting story from Mark Driscoll...

Not long before the public launch for Mars Hill began, a man and his wife joined the Bible study group that had already been established. This guy had a doctorate in church planting and befriended Mark and his wife. Immediately Mark's wife thought that the fella was a snake in the grass and was very apprehensive about him holding any leadership position in their fellowship. However, through a turn of events he ended up hanging around for a while and began helping Mark as he got the church off the ground.

A few weeks before the launch date Mark had a dream that he was walking in the foyer of the building to get a Bible and this church planting guy was standing in the doorway. In his dream he was wearing shorts and a hawaiian shirt and told Mark that he was going to take over the church and that had been his intentions from the beginning. Of course, the dream disturbed Mark, and he said that as soon as he woke up God confirmed the dream with several scripture passages.

On their launch date, not long after the dream, Mark's wife remembered that she'd left her Bible in the foyer - so Mark got up to retrieve it. When he did, he found that same man, in the same outfit, and he told Mark the same thing that had happened in the dream.

Without flenching, Mark told the guy, and I quote:

"Get the hell out of my church!"

Strong language, yes - but I think he meant it.

Mark said he didn't share that dream with the church, because they would think he was "charismatic and then people would show up with tambourines, waving banners..."

posted by Rick and Christie