Monday, February 14, 2005


Mark Driscoll turned out to be, quite possibly one of the funniest speakers we have heard in a while. We attended the Mars Hill service last Sunday and then he spoke a few times a day at the conference. The only way the conference could have been better would have been for Mark to teach all the sessions – but I guess we can’t have everything. At any rate, I thought I would list some of his funnier and more shocking statements for you:

In relation to the minister and his hobbies:
“I’ve come to realize, you can’t be a good Christian and a good golfer – there just isn’t enough time”

“If you want to plant a church, you’re not going to have many hobbies. People ask me, ‘Mark, what are your hobbies.’ I tell them: ‘I read my Bible and I have sex with my wife. There, how’s that for hobbies.’”

In reference to the kind of Christ we serve – a Revelation, seated on a throne, warrior Christ, or a really nice guy Christ:
“If the Christ you serve is just a really nice guy – I hate to tell you, but you serve a weak, effeminate, faggoty Christ.”

In regard to young Calvinists:
“I meet these guys – great guys – but they are young and immature in their faith, they discover reformed theology and they think they are ready to take on the world – convert or die. And I’m thinking dude, you ride a bike to church and live in your parent’s house…get dominion over these things first and then we'll talk.”

In reference to legalism:"I don't understand why people want to be legalistic - and if you have to be legalistic, at least choose something that matters...decide - hey, I’m going to be legalistic about having sex with my wife - we must have sex every night. I mean, don't say you can't drink, that's just retarded."

...more may follow later.

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