Friday, February 25, 2005

Let's clear this up...

The other day I added some pics to the bottom left hand side of the blog. I liked them because they all made me think about life. One of them, however, I obviously didn't look at very closely. From what I saw, it was these two people sitting together at a coffee shop - the picture was meant to be kind of hazy, so it was hard to immediately recognize any details. The morning after I'd done this, Rick called me at work and wanted to know why in the world I had added this particular picture. I had no idea what he was getting at. That was about to change.

I got the site up, looked a little closer and...the two people drinking coffee, were two guys, and the two guys were holding hands across the table. Actually, it looked more like they were rubbing each others arms. So, just as a disclaimer, let me state to anyone who might have noticed this picture - coupleofwords does not endorse the homosexual lifestyle. Sorry for the oversight - I will be more careful next time. Promise.
posted by Christie