Friday, February 04, 2005

Procrastination at its finest

I had to get this one out of my system before leaving for Seattle...

Sorry, Chris, this was my only deviation from my tasks in the office - i promise.

Anyway, have you seen the movie Luther?

It was awesome, some say boring - and maybe at parts, but to me the movie was very exciting. It gave me such a great appreciation for the Bible written in the vernacular - something we take for granted, for the sacrifice of those who have gone before, for pure doctrine and for truth. Without such heroes as Martin Luther, our 40 comment blog would have never been possible.

The movie gave me a renewed fervor to study doctrine and church history - and ultimately the Word. It made me angry at those people who say doctrine isn't that important - let's just love Jesus and everyone else - how in the world can we love Jesus if we don't know Him? How can we know Him if we don't study His Word? How can we study His Word and not study doctrine?

It seems to me that we must love and understand pure doctrine, if we are to truly love and understand our Savior.

and now back to packing...
posted by Rick and Christie