Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Clear as mud?

Just found a comment that was posted a while ago (2/25) that I thought I would respond to and hopefully bring some clarification. I made the, what I believe to be true - but admittedly broad statement that much of emerging church theology was "toilet water." What I was asserting was that, personally, not all, but a large portion of what I have seen and read concerning churches that consider themselves "emerging" is lacking as far as theology is concerned. A recent example would be Rick's visit last night to 7:22 - a nationally known ministry of Northpoint Community Church near Atlanta geared for 20 somethings and typically considered to be of the emerging sort. After the music, and 30 minutes into the sermon - he walked out because of everything that had been sung and spoken - there was no mention of Jesus. From my observations, too much of the emerging movement is focused on community at the sake of truth. But, this is true of much more than the emerging church - people in general don't want to be offensive. However, what we miss sometimes is that if the Gospel is preached - there is going to be offense taken. In its very nature, the Gospel offends.

Certainly, not all of the emerging movement fits into the category of which I spoke - and certainly there are emergents who lift high Jesus Christ as the only way to the Father and who unashamedly declare the truth from the Word of God. No question about that. It is just my prayer that in whatever movement is occuring and whatever movement is to come, essential theological issues will not be swept under the rug.
posted by Christie