Monday, March 07, 2005

I won't quit my day job...

I am the messiest painter ever. Really I am. If it is possible to happen to you while painting, it has happened to me. I have spilled paint everywhere - and I don't mean just a drop or two - we're talking entire gallons! It is not unusal for me to drop rollers on my head, sit on rollers, step on get the picture. (Also, note that all of those rollers are always drenched in paint.) My ambition has led me to dump paint in my mouth, my eyes, my ears and my nose. Since I tend to be messy, Rick has prohibited me from using a ladder. I have a difficult enough time painting while firmly planted on the floor - he says painting in the air is definitely out of the question. I'm thinking of inquiring of whether or not scaffolding would be acceptable - somehow, I think I already know the answer.

Considering the fact that we have just begun painting our new house - my past could spell imminent disaster. Thankfully, the flooring has yet to be installed - so that most assuredly works in my favor. Spilling paint on bare concrete that will be covered up with wood in a few weeks is easier to handle than spilling it on new carpet. I know, I've done both. So for now, I just have to worry about keeping the paint off of me. I'm going to try.
posted by Christie