Monday, March 07, 2005

New times...

Sorry for the lack of blogging on my part the past few weeks. If it weren't for my wife, A Couple of Words would be a pretty lonely place.

I've been out of town quite a bit this month, I spent 13 nights in a hotel during the month of February, as we began the month in Seattle at the Acts 29 Bootcamp, then headed to Jax for the pastor's convention and to Atlanta for the Georgia Baptist Convention Evangelism Conference. It's not that I mind so much being gone, but it has made life hectic - especially since Christie could only attend the A29 Conf. To top it off, we're in the middle of purchasing a house, trying to get it painted and flooring put down, so we're busy...

...but we're happy. Things are going exremely well at the church. Our new pastor has come in with vision and passion - driving the church to become a place of change, outreach, love, grace and growth. The Spirit is becoming a reality to be experienced instead of an ideal to be discussed. We're beginning to see excitement build in the heart's of our congregation as slowly, we are seeing lives touched and changed. This Sunday, Christie and I saw a lady in the altar that we've been ministering to for nearly two years - last Sunday night was her first night in church during that time. Last week, we saw a little girl accept Christ and her mother join the church. Next week, I'll have the chance to baptize one of our teenagers that the Lord allowed me to lead to Christ a few months ago... I could go on, and on, yet I'm silenced by the immensity of God's sovereign grace. We are seeing God bring fruit to a ministry we'd feared had grown dry. We're seeing freedom in Christ as He is providing us with guidance and direction through our pastor - it's an exciting thing when the church begins to function as she should.

Last night, our pastor unveiled "The Plan" that he's been putting together for the past six weeks - a large part of our need to go to these conferences. It is amazing to me to see God bring together the hearts and ideas of men. Things that I've been praying about and knowing we needed to add to the church for over a year are becoming a reality as God has placed them on the hearts of our pastor and music minister - confirming for each of us that God is behind The Plan.

I think the most exciting prospect for me is the beginning of a new service - and actually a new ministry targeting young adults in our community. We've kicked around the idea for awhile and have finally decided to start a very modern, contemporary worship service on Saturday nights. Complete with a Coffee house. Our ministry will be called "emerge" - be in prayer, We've got 9 1/2 weeks to kick off...

At any rate, our people are excited and ready to go! True revival may not be far away.
posted by Rick