Thursday, March 17, 2005

our new home...

It's official -

I own land... I think I'll have to walk around and beat my chest a little. Granted it's only a little over a half acre - but it is on a canal (spelled d-i-t-c-h) or possibly would better be considered a creek. And there is a new home in the middle of it. Christie is very excited, as am I.

It was a somewhat scary feeling as we gathered at the attorney's office to sign the papers yesterday. There was the banker, the builder, the realtor, the attorney and the insurance man, and then there was Christie and me. Everyone walked away with their checks, and I walked away with a mortgage - so as long as the check makes it to the bank by the 15th of every month, I'll have no problems.

Pictures to come soon. I'm heading to the house to put down our flooring today.
posted by Rick