Friday, March 18, 2005

viewer discretion advised

Although I don't watch a lot of tv, sometimes late in the evenings I enjoy sitting down with Rick and flipping through the channels. Often we end up watching a documentary about an event in history - or maybe Cold Case Files, or some kind of forensic show. We will even watch Trading Spaces, What Not to Wear or even FoodTV. However, there are nights when the remote takes a rest upon discovery of one of the two channels of MTV that we get. Sometimes MTV provides us viewing entertainment through The Real World, Jackass, Wild Boyz or I Want a Famous Face - but the other night - although I'm not sure I would call it "viewing entertainment" - we watched Wonder Showzen. I am really at a loss for adequate words to describe the feelings and thoughts that this 30 min. program sparked in me. Although there were parts of it that were downright hilarious - some of it was extremely offensive. It's based on a comedy/variety show format - with puppets, cartoons, kids and educational films. The shows website describes itself pretty accurately, "Wonder Showzen takes your favorite things about watching tv as a kid and turns them into a twisted nightmare." If you watch the video that is on the link, you will understand, perfectly. From Dog OBGYN to the "letter of the day" having relations with another letter (interesting though, the letter of the day was "N" - N had sex with an S - and they birthed an I - as they all stood together - they spelled S-I-N), to the fake advertisment for Sensual Baby Oil ("because you're never too young to heat up the night") - this show is pretty rotten. Wonder Showzen really isn't that wonderful after all.
posted by Christie