Tuesday, April 26, 2005

the dangers of the open road, part deux

I recently had one of my life long dreams come true, the church purchased a 15 passenger van. It's great, lots of room, front and rear air, power windows and locks, keyless entry, 6 disc CD changer, etc, etc...

It has become my favorite mode of transportation - not that I really enjoy driving it over my jeep... but since we spent the money on it and had our church name and logo emblazoned down the side, I feel some obligation to make sure it is seen around town. Besides, it helps calm my ongoing battle with road rage - it's amazing the things you won't do when the name and phone number of your church surround the vehicle you're driving.

Oh yeah, and gas being $2.00/gallon helps encourage me to drive the van too.

But at any rate, I decided to take the van out the other night when I had to make a midnight run to a nearby college to deliver DiscipleNOW material - and so the story begins...

It's 1 am, we've just finished laying laminate flooring in our Music Ministers new house - I hate that stuff - and I realize that I've promised a delivery I can't keep... a regional tennis match would command my attention in the morning, but I'd promised to deliver my DNOW material... so I make the 35 mile trek to Mt. Vernon where one of our former students and good friend will be waiting for the drop.

About 1/2 way in to the trip, I realize the inordinate number of deer lining the highways, and begin to slow down to around 50 mph... I've counted well over 40, by the time I see the last one.

I top a hill and there in the middle of the road are THREE deer... luckily they are in the other lane, but knowing their propensity for stupidity and suicide I slam on the brakes and veer as far to the right as possible - without careening off the road and over the 25 foot drop.

I get it down to about 10 mph and think I'm in the clear when suddenly and without warning one of the does turns her fat head right into my grill **BAM** we have impact...

Luckily, the air bag decided not to go off, but there is still several hundred $$ worth of damage... so I finished my trip and came back home... oh, and I still have to call the insurance company.
posted by Rick