Friday, April 15, 2005

how did i miss these?

Yesterday I posted about several stories that had been included in our local paper's Sheriff's Department Report. However, somehow or another, a few escaped my attention that are well, um, interesting to say the least. So here is another small dish of our town gossip. Reader beware.

March 28, Public indecency
A Jeff Davis County school bus driver was transporting students home on Victor Street when she spotted a man and a woman having sex on the front porch of a residence. Another man was standing in the doorway of the screen porch watching them and yelled a greeting to her.

April 2, Reporting information
A Burkett's Ferry Road woman reported that someone put human hair on her back porch. The hair was dark brown, with streaks of grey. She said her next door neighbor did not like her because she fed birds and the neighbor blames her for birds using the bathroom on her car.

Moral of the story: stay far, far away from porches. Front, back, screened in. Makes no difference. They're all dangerous.
posted by Christie