Thursday, April 07, 2005

if walls could talk

Yesterday, I turned the key for the very last time and opened the door to our old house. It was actually the first day that all of our things were out of it. Completely empty. We moved the majority of our stuff on Saturday - but until yesterday, there were still a few things lingering around. Although I can't tell you how glad I am to be in our new home - there was a hint of sadness in leaving the place. Even though the house is old and kind of worn - a lot of memories were made there. Like the time that Rick was out of town and I almost severed my pinky finger with the electric hedgeclippers. I went inside and ran around the house trying to find my keys so I could get to the ER - however, in the meantime, I bled all over everything. Hope no luminol is sprayed in there any time soon... Also the many nights that I have caught Rick sleep walking/talking in that house. I loved to encourage his confusion and coax him to answer ridiculous questions. He would usually wake up just enough to know that he was embarassed and then promptly head back to bed. We had many good times in that place - but certainly more memories will transpire in our new home, in fact, some already have. Thankfully, as of yet, none of them involve hedgeclippers.
posted by Christie