Friday, April 29, 2005

ignorance is bliss

Last night Rick and I were in the grocery store purchasing all of the food that will be scarfed down by a large pack of wild teenagers this weekend (yes, it's the DiscipleNow time of year). Upon discussing what we were going to serve to eat at the bonfire on Saturday evening - the topic of s'mores arose. I told Rick that s'mores just didn't seem to work very well over the campfire. Puzzled, he inquired why I felt as I did. So, I began to enlighten him that the last time we had a bonfire, I never even got to eat any s'mores, because everytime I tried to put my graham cracker on the stick - it would just crumble into a thousand pieces. And so after several failures, I just decided to give up. I knew even if I got the first cracker on, I'd never make it to the second. And then there would be the chocolate. The marshmallow, I would have been cool with.

As Rick proceeded to laugh at me for the next hour, I tried figuring out what was so darn funny. I mean, what's his problem? Does he not know about the fine art of s'mores making? For some reason, he says I should stick to the microwave. I just don't get it.
posted by Christie