Wednesday, May 25, 2005

are you sure you're saved?

Every time this happens, I vow to never let it happen again, but somehow I find myself lax and I let things slip, unsaved through my fingers.

I began working this morning on a question and answer sheet for our adult volunteers for tonight's Bible Study. We've been plowing pretty deep through the book of 1 John and I thought tonight would be a good night to break everyone down into small groups for a review of all the practical and theological topics we've covered. So I began before 8:00, typing away... suddenly around 9:45, my laptop decides to go to sleep - evidently a deep sleep, because I could not wake it, so I was forced to simply turn it off and reboot...

Much to my dismay, I had not saved the document and the only thing auto save recovered was one line "What does 1 John say about God?" which I had already deleted.

Arghhh.....there are many curse words trying to make it from my mouth right now... but I will persevere and start my theological dissertation over.

Two hours, two pages and some great writing are now gone forever.
posted by Rick