Monday, May 09, 2005

behind enemy lines

I discovered this blog today. The pictures and stories are moving, to say the least: a photo journalist's - Michael Yon's - view of the ongoing war in Iraq. This gives a little different perspective on the fighting - much more personal. Both of the Iraqi people and the soldiers.

I don't know the answers to the war in Iraq - not even sure what my opinion is - though I know so many who are totally against us being there.

But these stories are personal and moving - showing the Iraqi people warm, welcoming and thankful for the American soldiers.

It makes me think of Wes and Amy.

Wonder how they are doing?

It was strange. Back in January when I attended the Pastor's Conference at FBC, Jax, I ran into a guy who had been working with Wes and Amy and some of their friends. He said things were going well in Baghdad and that the citizens there were so thankful for the freedom they had been granted since the fall of Sadaam, he also said the kingdom was growing at an unbelievable rate. It was encouraging to hear. Especially since the media has not reported this fact.

All this has me pondering so many things, so I think I'll sign off and leave you with just a small quote from Yon's blog:

The Iraqis who want freedom and democracy are gaining ground. From what I hear about the news back home, this might sound unreal. Nightly tallies of roadside IEDs and suicide car bombers driving headlong into crowds...are the main summary of events, while most of this country is peaceful.

There are seventeen provinces in Iraq, and more than ten are quiet. They are busy rebuilding the infrastructure; building a new democracy, but mostly just getting on with life.

Unfortunately, the "Sunni triangle" is a region churning with an insurgency that shows no sign of letup. But by focusing on the flames, the media does not give the world a fair or accurate representation of what's happening for most Iraqi people, or for most of the Coalition forces.
posted by Rick