Wednesday, May 04, 2005

lost and found

A telemarketer called yesterday in hopes that I would renew my subscription to Better Homes and Gardens, for only .77 a month. And although that's a great deal, I read very few issues last year, and I don't even have a garden, so I figured there was no sense in spending the extra $10 dollars just to get a couple great recipes that I'll probably never make anyway. Especially when I could spend that $10 to order the two backcopies I have missed of Relevant Magazine. Somehow, without realizing it, my subscription obviously ended. There are very few magazines that I will read from cover to cover, but Relevant is definitely one of them. So even though no telemarketer called, it's more than .77 an issue, and I still don't have a garden, I will renew, without a doubt. So, in a week or so I will be receiving, not one, but two issues of Relevant in the mail. Rick and I usually end up in a physical altercation with each other over who gets to read it first, but this time, there will be two, so we can share. Life is good...
posted by Christie