Thursday, May 19, 2005

twenty-four...and holding

Although I hate to admit it, the fact is beginning to set in...I think I'm getting old.

First of all, my metabolism seems to be slowing down. Although I've always tried to be pretty careful about what I eat - I notice that lately I'm having to be really careful. Meaning that those daily splurges I used to indulge in, must now become weekly splurges. The rack of jeans in my closet that cause me physical injury when I put them on are a testament to far too many late night Blizzards - a practice that will now have to be discontinued, or else.

My metabolism is not the only thing slowing down, I am too. In college I had no problem starting a movie at 11 pm or after and actually staying awake to see the end. Now, an 11 pm start for a movie means that I may or may not make it past the FBI warning. Seriously. This phenomenon surely is due, at least in part, to the fact that now that I've grown up, I have to leave for work at 6:30 am every morning. But still I feel the years setting in.

Last night, another reminder slapped me right on the side of my aging face. Rick and some other guys drove two hours to see a midnight viewing of Episode III. I opted to stay home since I had to work today and I knew I would be getting up about the same time he would be getting home. What scares me is not that I stayed home, but what I did while I was there. And that I actually looked forward to doing it. I went to the movie store - rented a movie, and made a special trip across town to pick up a copy of our local paper. I went back home, read the paper from cover to cover and then watched my movie - Fried Green Tomatoes. If that isn't scary enough, after it was over I seriously considered going through some boxes to find my copy of Driving Miss Daisy, so I could watch it too. Oh, what is happening to me?
posted by Christie