Monday, June 06, 2005

hadn't been there...won't get the t-shirt

Although we've lived in the area for almost three years now, there is a notorious local restaurant that I've never had the chance to go to. It's about 25 miles from here and is located at Gray's Landing, on the banks of the famous Altamaha River. Well, the river isn't all that famous, but it is known for being the widest river east of the Mississippi. Back to the restaurant, it's called Benton Lee's and we're headed there tonight. Although the place has very limited advertisment, it's visited by people from all over the state and country. The atmosphere is extremely laid back and the place is known for its occasional bar room brawl. Infact, the joke is that if you come in the place without a weapon, they'll give you one at the door. Despite the seedy conditions, the food is supposed to be great - as long as you can get beyond the fact that it's served on a tv tray. The portions are said to be huge - so huge that if you eat the entire large sized steak, you get your meal free plus a t-shirt! Legend has it that that particular steak has sent at least one person to the hospital. So, it sounds like it will be an interesting experience...and that I won't be coming home with a t-shirt. But I might take a weapon, you know, just to be on the safe side. I'll at least have my car key ready to become a projectile point if necessary. I know everyone feels safe now.
posted by Christie