Thursday, June 30, 2005

these are the rules

According to the student handbook of a certain Christian college, if you don't follow all of these guidelines, you'll bust Hell wide open. Listen carefully to a few snippets of their policies on music, dress and your life in general.

Music Standards -- We feel it important that our students learn to appreciate and be involved in music that enhances their Christian testimony. Therefore, students are encouraged to listen to classical, semiclassical and good Christian music. The fine arts staff of the College acknowledges its responsibility to provide musical experiences designed to develop the appetites of our students for such music.

The following types of music are not permitted:
a. Current popular music
b. Jazz, rock, rap, folk, "Nashville" type, or new age music
c. Religious music performed in the folk, western rock, or gospel rock style
d. Soundtracks from movies rated PG-13, PG, or below

Dress Code for Men--Hair should be cut in such a way that it does not come over the ears, eyebrows, or collar. Sideburns should be no longer than the middle of the ear. Styles related to counterculture, such as hairstyle or color, clothing, and jewelry, are not acceptable.

Gym: Casual pants (Dockers, Bugle Boy, etc.), nylon jogging suits. We ask that no caps, Levi's/jeans, denim, sweatpants, sweatshirts, or spandex be worn. Collared shirts (no writing or pictures) should be worn (Okay, I do agree with the spandex policy).

Hats may be worn where casual wear is permitted. Hats may not be worn backwards.

Dress Code for Women--Styles relating to counterculture, such as hair style or color, unusual nail color, clothing, and jewelry, are not acceptable. No pants or shorts, please. Young ladies should dress in a manner that others will focus on the face and particularly the eyes, for some say, "the eyes are the mirror of the soul."

Although the wearing of multiple earrings has become common in the world, ladies are asked to wear a maximum of two sets. These should be worn in the ear lobes only.

Except for participation in recreational activities and on campus on Saturdays, our ladies will always wear hosiery outside the residence hall.

Women students may not wear slacks or shorts on campus, off campus in public, or in the presence of other students.

Miscellaneous--Sunday is considered by the Lord's people as a day of rest. Shopping for groceries, etc., should be handled on another day.

I guess I missed the rule about having to wear your WWJD bracelet at all times, I'm sure it's in there somewhere.
posted by Christie