Saturday, July 23, 2005

five years and counting

Although this is a little late, and he'll probably never read it - I want to wish my nephew Daniel, a late happy fifth birthday. Daniel was born the summer before I married and from even before that moment, I loved that little boy more than I ever thought possible. We've always had a special bond and a couple years ago he decided that I was not only his aunt, but his "best friend," too. Not much has changed. Although part of me hates to see him growing up, he's turning into such a neat little boy. Happy birthday to that precious, chubby, blonde haired fella that I love. Here is something I wrote about him when he was born, that I haven't thought of in a very long time.

A little boy was born today
Perfect form in every way
Helpless cry I heard from you
Your precious voice is brand new

I've never seen a sweeter face
It shines as bright as any star
It reflects the Father's grace
And is the one who stole my heart

Holding you is holding love
Your name like honey on my tongue
Sleepy eyes close to rest
And on your cheek I put a kiss

Hope was born on the day
That my eyes beheld your face
Daniel, in my heart's where you belong
posted by Christie